Thursday, July 22, 2021


If purchasing your first home is a significant milestone, having a custom built home is a great undertaking. It should not be surprising that this type of project is an investment that you need to get right the first time around. If you’re planning to build a home that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, a place where you can raise a family, or perhaps a home where you can retire, then you need to have the right information to make this dream a reality.

If you want to love your house for several years to come, you must have a clear vision for what you want to have. However, it could be quite confusing and even overwhelming to choose a good house plan. Here’s a guide to help you choose a house plan, which would go over all the things you need to know as well as the important considerations when you make this huge decision.

Choosing A House Plan For Custom Built Homes

Just like with any other project, there are different important factors when choosing a house plan for new home construction.

  • What do you want to have for your dream new home?
  • How do you want your house to look and feel like once it’s done?
  • What features do you want to be included in your house?
  • How much can you afford for your new home?
  • What practical and dream features will fit in your budget?
  • Find the best floor plan for your dream home.

If you’re just beginning the process of choosing a floor plan, you may not be sure where you have to start. The above-mentioned factors are extremely crucial in narrowing down what options you have before you make a decision.

Think Big or Think Small

Square footage is among the first factors that you have to consider when you’re considering to have a new home built by a custom home builder. The question now is how much square footage do you need for your home? Consider your lifestyle, future plans, hobbies, and family size.

You should consider having a bigger home if you have a large family or you plan to have one. It’s also a good idea if plan to stay in the house for the years to come, host parties or events often, or would like to have a dedicated area for a hobby. By having a bigger space means you’ll get more flexibility in the design and use of your home. Just let your Myrtle Beach builder know what your plans are.

On the other side, a lot of homeowners and even custom home builder Myrtle Beach prefer smaller homes because of practical reasons such as lower costs, less extensive maintenance, and being more eco-friendly. All these factors can assist you in determining if you would like to have a smaller or bigger home. This decision is important since you would want to have a house that has the size you want.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to a custom built home. From the layout to the design and everything that comes in between, the features that you add to your custom built home are going to be with you as the years go by. And it’s you’re chance to get creative and add in some unique features that you won’t get if you purchase a preowned house.

Here are some of the features that you should consider adding to your new home.

Features For Your Custom Built Home

Custom shelves

There is no perfect time than as new homes are being built to add custom shelving. A properly placed custom shelves can become a room’s focal point such as a multimedia unit or bookshelves in the living room. Custom shelving can also serve various purposes.

Imagine the rooms where you need more storage. Then work with custom home builders Myrtle Beach to see if there are other custom options that you can add.

Deep pour basement

Among the biggest benefit of building new homes is being able to modify the smallest details that could have a significant impact. Case in point, the basement ceiling’s height. Whether or not you are having your basement finished, you should add a foot of additional height using a deep pour foundation that could help make the place feel more inviting and open. Just be sure to arrange the feature before the construction starts because your custom home builder needs to account for it right from the start.

Higher ceilings

Higher ceilings will make your home look and feel luxurious. There’s a huge difference between a 6’ ceiling and an 8’ ceiling.

Upstairs laundry room

Nobody wants to haul their laundry up and down the stairs. Having said that, why don’t you add an upstairs laundry room? It is convenient and makes doing the laundry less daunting.


Building new houses gives you an opportunity to get whatever you want to have in your home. You should consider adding a mudroom so that you’ll have a place where you can take off your muddy shoes or hang your coat.


You don’t have to share a closet if you don’t want to. When building your house, you can tell your custom home builder that you want to have your own closet, one that’s separate from the others in the house.

Cabinet lighting

In and under cabinet lighting is visually pleasing and very useful, too, especially in the kitchen. And although it is something that you could add in later by utilizing adhesive strip lighting, built in cabinet lighting are brighter and more appealing compared to their adhesive counterparts. Your options include standalone bulbs and LED strips, to name a few. You can wire them to the main switch so that you can switch the cabinet lighting on and off easily.

Heated floors

Radiant heated floors are increasing in popularity. They feature warming coils that run under the floorboards that could be turned on using a switch. They’re a wonderful addition to your bathroom and can warm up the flooring in the colder areas of the house.


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Friday, July 16, 2021


Many modern houses are constructed with energy efficiency in mind. If your custom built home is designed and constructed well, they can prevent energy loss and provide savings on your energy bills in the long run.

Working with an experienced custom home builder Myrtle Beach can help make sure that your custom home is constructed with top quality materials, is energy efficient, and meets your needs. Here are some tips if you want to build a home that is energy efficient.

Energy Efficient Custom Built Homes

Use effective insulation

Effective insulation is among the tips you need to consider when you want to have a custom home. It plays a crucial role in its energy efficiency. A home that’s properly insulated will prevent drafts, which will retain your heating and cooling efforts inside your house for maximum impact. Also, it prevents the moisture and the air outside from coming inside your house. This will help regulate the temperature inside your house and let your HVAC system to work efficiently to keep a consistent temperature. Aside from that, insulating and wrapping your hot water pipes could help your water heater work more efficiently.

Seal the joints and the ductwork tightly

Joints and ductwork throughout the house are known for causing energy leaks. They are important for proper ventilation, too. If they’re sealed poorly, the air will leak from them. Improper or poor ventilation could also be a consequence of poor installation or design and cause further energy loss.

These lack of sufficient ventilation and air leaks are the major causes of energy loss. It will make it much harder to regulate your home’s temperature. Consequently, your HVAC unit need to work much harder in order to compensate. And you will most likely see your energy bills rise because of it.

Choose energy efficient windows

Using energy saving and high performance windows can assist in sealing out extreme temperatures while making sure that moderate temperatures are kept inside. They are more expensive because the quality is much higher, but, as time goes by, they could assist you in providing savings on your energy bills.

Add ceiling fans in your major rooms

Ceiling fans can assist in the circulation of air throughout a room. They could also be used to regulate as well as keep the temperature consistent. It’s crucial to remember that they’re only ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

Add solar panels

Solar panels could be installed on a house and used to cut the costs of your heating and cooling bills for the years to come. Even if you need to dip into using power from your utility provider, solar panels can supplement your energy usage and offer savings that you’ll enjoy.

Use the right window treatments

Window treatments provide an excellent efficiency option while boosting the visual appeal of your new home construction. For windows that are facing the south, you should go with blinds and drapery that will filter the light in the summer so that the heat is reduced. Cutting back on the light during this time of the year will also lower the possibility for the color of the carpets and furniture to fade.


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Monday, July 12, 2021


Homebuyers who haven’t gone through a new home construction tend to have a wildly inaccurate understanding of what happens during process. They think that it all starts by finding a lot, hiring an architect, and using the latter’s plans to obtain bids from custom home builders and then choosing the best bid.

Although this process can be followed, you can get the best results if you start with a custom home builder. Better yet, find a company that provides top quality design build services so you don’t have to worry about hiring an architect, which will help streamline the building process. By beginning with a custom home builder, a home buyer can save money, time, and headache.

New Home Construction: Why Start With A Custom Home Builder

When looking for a lot to build on, you are not just competing against other buyers but against developers and builders, too. New home builders and developers spend time, energy and resources into finding the best lots to build on. When they do find the perfect lot, they’re ready to buy it and offer the best closing terms that the seller will find it hard to refuse. By working with a custom home builder ahead of time, they may already have the lot that you will love. If not, they will be in the best position to get the lot that you want to have.

Custom Home Builders Have Experience

Custom home builders work with a team of professionals who are ready to assess the property in terms of paperwork, history, build readiness, as well as the other features of the lot. A custom home builder will spend a week doing their research and prepare an offer. If you do this yourself, you’ll have to spend a month on it at least. You will have to do everything yourself and things may become complicated especially when it comes to assessing a lot quickly. A custom home builder knows the in an out of the building process, which includes finding the lot, buying the lot, and building into the lot.

Custom Home Builders Have A Vision

While a home buyer may look at a lot and think that they can imagine their future home, that vision should be tempered and amplified by knowledge. Experienced and knowledgeable professionals, who know everything about custom built homes Myrtle Beach, can assess a lot and see what its full potential is since they know the very best conditions for home building and what changes can be done.

Custom Home Builders Have Access To Financing Options

As a home buyer, you need to get a new home construction loan from a lender. There are a few benefits to this. For instance, you can build a relationship with a local bank, which needs to approve the builder, and banks offer a range of loan options. But new home construction loans have upfront requirements and that includes paying 30% down payment. If you buy through a custom home builder, they may provide financing rates that are lower than the rates offered by banks.


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Thursday, July 8, 2021


There are home projects that can be done by a DIY-er. However, if you plan to do a home remodel or a kitchen upgrade, you need to call a professional general contractor.

Home renovation experts have different specializations. For example, a handyman could change the cabinets in your bathroom or replace the fixtures. Meanwhile, a plumbing contractor could install the infrastructure that’s required for your new Jacuzzi tub or a new shower. If you want to overhaul the entire space, which includes adding new elements or changing the layout, then you should hire a general contractor.

What is a general contractor?

A general contractor is an expert who supervises and coordinates all aspects of the remodeling or building project. They can secure the permits required for the project, as well as hire, schedule, and oversee the work of subcontractors like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters.

Their work doesn’t just involve hands on tasks. Licensed general contractors will be responsible for the whole new home construction and that means they will have worker’s compensation as well as liability insurance. In case a worker or subcontractor is injured while on the job or if your property gets damaged, the general contractor will take care of the situation. Therefore, if something goes wrong, the general contractor will be the one who will make sure that everything is made right.

The general contractor will also make sure that all work is carried out in a way that won’t render the guarantees or warranties useless. Qualified experts will install the roofing, siding, windows as well as major appliances in a certain way or the facture will not honor the guarantee. If the general contractor supervises the remodeling or building project, you can rest easy because you know that the workers will follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer.

When should you hire a general contractor?

Nobody wants to pay for more than what they need. And that means you should not hire a home builder unless the task on hand is fairly complicated. Generally speaking, you can hire a subcontractor or handyman if the project can be done in less than one week.

But if the project needs several weeks to finish and requires inspections, permits, and different skilled experts, then you may have to hire a general contractor.

Unless you’re a professional in construction methods, local building regulations, or project management, and if you have a lot of time to spare, you need to hire a general contractor to supervise and coordinate all of these building or remodeling activities.

If you decide to hire a Myrtle Beach custom home builder, you should do your homework first. You need to know how long a general contractor has been in business and if they have handled a project like yours before. You should only hire a general contractor who is licensed and insured. You should consult your local Better Business Bureau and find out if there are outstanding complaints filed against the contractor that you’re thinking of hiring.


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Monday, July 5, 2021


There are three types of home builders that you can choose from if you’re looking to build a house. These are custom home builders Myrtle Beach, spec builders, and he tract builders. There are several aspects that set each builder apart. However, you need to consider certain factors to make sure that you’re investing in the kind of home that will suit your budget, preference, and stage of life.

Spec Vs. Tract Vs. Custom Home Builders Myrtle Beach

Tract Home Builders

Tract new home builders purchase large tracts of lands where they build subdivisions that commonly provide a choice of three floor plans. Although the buyer will only have a little say on the hone design other than a basic floor plan, the tract houses are cheaper compared to the spec homes or the custom home builds. Plus, they also have a shorter timeline.

Another benefit to hiring tract builders is that they have built dozens and even hundreds of homes so they often search for proven and durable building materials that can help speed up the new home construction while boosting the energy efficiency of the house. So, if you want complete control over your dream home, you have to hire a custom home builder Myrtle Beach. If you prefer lower costs and faster construction, then a tract home builder will be a great fit.

Spec Home Builders

Spec new home builders derive their name from the projects that the take on, which are by nature, speculative. They purchase land without a buyer and they speculate that they will be able to sell a house that they’ve built on it to a future homebuyer. They buy a small plot of land, build at least one house on it and put it up in the market.

Another benefit of working with a spec new home builder is that they are more flexible when it comes to the cost of the house, especially if it’s been on the market for a long time. Another advantage is that although a few of their houses might have the same layout, these spec home builders are more flexible when it comes to the style. They also provide a few unique home designs just like custom Myrtle Beach home builders but without the hefty price.

Custom Home Builders

Meanwhile, custom home builders will turn the wishes of an individual home buyer into their dream home. The home buyer will have total control over the floor plan as well as other details. Whether you want to have an engineered wood siding or a solar panels on the roof, a custom home builder can make it come true.

Since a custom built home is unique, custom home builders only build a few houses per year. They construction timeline is longer than building a tract or spec house because custom home builders need to make sure that every detail of the house meets the specifications of the home buyer.


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Thursday, July 1, 2021


What is the obvious reason why you need a custom built homes Myrtle Beach? First of all, you will get all that you need and you’ll have a home just the way you like it. For a few, the conversation stops there, but maybe you need more reasons aside from that.

If you are looking for a new home but finding it difficult whether to personalize and existing home or build a custom home, here are the best reasons why you should consider new home construction.

Why Choose Custom Built Homes Myrtle Beach?

Enjoy a Future-Proof Home

Future proofing could mean various things, but for this topic, it involves family planning. One of the common reasons why people have to uproot, sell their house, or purchase a new one is so that they could accommodate a growing family. A custom home will provide you the opportunity to design a living area that will fit your needs today, although you should also consider the other unexpected things that may happen in the future.

Lower Your Monthly Energy Bills

Buying an existing house will work for some people, however, retrofitting older houses with updated and modern energy efficient fixtures that could get costly, quickly.

Granted, a homebuyer will always expect to have fixtures that are energy efficient in their new homes. However, with a custom built home, you’ll have an opportunity to cut back on your monthly energy bills because you’ll be using energy efficient fixtures.

More Space For Family Life

Many younger families expect amply lit, and open lit flex spaces that will bridge the gap between relaxation, dining, and cooking. The layout of a custom home will provide you the chance to develop an inclusive family setting, while still keeping your privacy.

Have A Suitable Floor Plan

custom home is the best chance you’ll get to improve your hosting strength. You can build a custom patio that will go well with your barbeque pit or an inground swimming pool. You can convert a standard living room into an entertainment room and large kitchen so you can cook comfortably for your whole extended family.


With a custom-built home, you will have a say in the details of your house. You’ll have the opportunity to hand pick the light fixtures, door knobs, and kitchen appliances. Custom houses lets you express yourself. You can design your house and choose the floor plan as well as the fixtures and furniture according to your preferences.

Integrate The Latest Technology

Along with your floor plans, you can integrate the latest home technology to your newly built home. You can have smart appliances, multi room audio units, and home automation integrated in your house. Just let your custom home builder know what you want and they’ll do their best to get it done according to your budget.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Purchasing an existing home feels like a gamble for many because they’ll never know what maintenance pitfalls they may have to face in the future. But with a custom built home, everything will be brand new and that means you don’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance, at least not for a few years.


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